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Check out FLIPSIDE’s Training Options

New to working out? Recovering from an injury and are ready to get back into working out but want to do it safely and effectively? Check out G8WAY, FLIPSIDE’s 8-Week Program. Like the name says, it will open the door into better form, better functionality, and overall better fitness. The possibilities are endless.

Looking for something more specialized? Train with Brooke online and get individual training custom-tailored to your fitness goals.

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Brooke's Story

I’m in the business of BUILDING UP, not tearing down.

From being diagnosed with Anorexia in 2010 to where I am today, the biggest transformation I made was flipping my mindset and changing my perspective. I began swapping destructive thoughts with empowering thoughts; I started focusing on what my body can and does do; I decided that perfection is nothing but BS and started focusing on what made me unique.

I became a trainer so that I could give back. Learning to love and appreciate my body for what it can do has saved my life. Our society loves to tell you how you’re not good, attractive, smart, or perfect enough. DROWN OUT THAT NOISE! Use your body with all of the amazing things it has to offer to become the strongest and most powerful version of yourself.

Do not ever feel as though you need to change who you are. Who you are is not wrong! Who you are is incredible and unique because there is no other you in the whole world.

My advice? Use what you’ve got and always search for how you can be your best. I’ll be there with you to guide you on how to build your strength in the most efficient and productive way. I hope you surprise yourself with how strong you can be!

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