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An 8-Week FLIPSIDE Challenge

Your G8WAY to infinite fitness possibilities.

We’ve all been there—New Year’s Resolutions, moments of epiphany that it’s time for a change, the desire to get back in the game after an injury—but something happens that stops us from reaching our goal.

Sometimes, it’s motivation. Sometimes, it’s a lack of fitness knowledge. Sometimes, it just feels outright intimidating!

That’s where G8WAY comes in.

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What You're Getting

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With over 150 moves explained step-by-step alongside video demonstrations, G8WAY’s focus on form and functional movement will make you feel in control of your body and your fitness future.

Brooke has put together a program that is perfect for beginners who have very little fitness experience, those who are recovering from an injury and ready to ease back into working out safely, and anyone who wants to revisit their foundational movements, no matter how long they have been exercising.

Modifications and progressions are offered along the way in case certain moves feel too easy/hard, so you’ll always feel challenged and safe.

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G8WAY is perfect for professionals, students, athletes, new parents—you name it!

You’ll start off by completing a series of movements in a pre-start fitness test and then do that same test 8 weeks later after you’ve finished G8WAY. Wait until you see how far you can go!

Brooke will take you through each day, rotating through muscle groups and workout styles. Workouts last anywhere from 35-50 minutes, making them short enough to fit them into a busy schedule but long enough to get the most bang for your buck!

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I have always hated working out on my own...

...not only because I’m not good at following directions, but I never understood how to use the equipment and getting to a gym was hard, especially after work. G8WAY worked perfectly for me because on days that I couldn’t make it to the gym, I was able to work out at home. The best part was if I didn’t have certain equipment in my house, I was able to use something as accessible as a pillow! It was simple enough for me to stick to the program and see results!

– Tiffany, 30, New York
All I want to say is thank you.

Really and truly from the bottom of my heart, thank you. That was me pushing 170, and today I am 140. I’m so happy and so healthy and love the way I feel and look. I love how I want to work out and grow and do better every time I finish a workout. Brooke and G8WAY did that and helped me with this goal I have had for so long, so all I can say is thank you. So much.

– Mary, 24, Florida
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Workouts Include:

Core Fire
Core Fire
Learn how to properly engage your core and build a solid foundation for every exercise you’ll perform
Using functional movements, you’ll learn techniques to keep your legs strong and injury-free
Upper Body
Upper Body
From everyday lifting to specific exercises, your upper body will be trained to fire the right muscles at the right times
Agility + HIIT
Agility + HIIT
Ensure that you can react on your toes with strength and have the endurance to handle whatever is thrown your way
Full Body
Full Body
You’ll get an all-around workout that will get your body to function like a well-oiled machine

Best of all, G8WAY does not require you to have a gym membership in order to participate. Those with a gym will be able to utilize a variety of equipment that is standard at most fitness facilities. For those exercising outside of the gym, Brooke gives you home options for any exercise that uses specialized equipment.

Get G8WAY Try a FREE 1-Week Sample
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Nutrition is a key factor in any fitness program, and while G8WAY does not have a mandated diet plan, we have some great resources that explain counting macros, how to meal plan/prep, and ways to achieve the results you’re after. Be it losing fat, maintaining, or building muscle, FLIPSIDE has suggestions and guidance to help you on your journey.

Calculate your numbers with our customizable Macro/Calorie Calculator and cater your nutrition to your specific lifestyle and goals.

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Everyone is welcome!

As with every FLIPSIDE program, it’s all about community and supporting each other.

Post your journey on Instagram using #g8way, #flipsideNY, and #flipfam and join the discussion on our Facebook page.

Share your transformation photos. Show off your perfect form. Hit some personal records. Brooke and the rest of the #FLIPFAM are here for you, no matter where you are in your fitness journey.

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This is only the beginning! The possibilities are endless.

Get G8WAY today and transform your life on your terms.

Get G8WAY Try a FREE 1-Week Sample
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