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  • Celebrating International Women's Day 2019
Celebrating International Women's Day 2019

Celebrating International Women's Day 2019

Brooke Mullen on

It's International Women's Day and we're celebrating!

So many women are constantly able to inspire me and push me into the next big 'thing' in my life and career. International Women's Day is an excellent time to reflect on other women that have worked to make differences, both big and small, that affect each and every one of us in our lives.

We announced it last week, but on Saturday, March 30th, a group of strong, amazing, female entrepreneurs and I are taking part in our first annual #GirlGangDay! We'll be working out (featuring Ellie Alexander and me a.k.a. Fit With BAE) and hearing from women who are experts in their health and wellness fields.

There is nothing more powerful than passionate women coming together to support one another’s gifts and make the world a better place. Come prepared to move your body, connect with other badass lady bosses and get inspired by top phenomenal speakers and influencers in health and wellness.

As we champion and support women all over the world, we are proud to partner with Alana Athletica, the world’s first social impact activewear brand, for this event. As our guest, a portion of your ticket price will be donated to their mission of aiding female survivors of abuse in Sri Lanka and you will have an opportunity to send them messages of support. If you write a letter of empowerment to this community, you will be gifted A FREE PAIR OF LEGGINGS as a thank you from Alana Athletica!

I'd love to see you there! You can grab tickets on our Eventbrite page.

I thought it'd be a great time to ask some of our speakers for the event about inspiration; how they feel they've inspired themselves as well as inspiration they've found from the women surrounding them:


This health educator, fitness influencer, writer, activist, certified personal trainer, certified mindfulness and yoga therapy teacher with emphasis on leadership and a practicing Registered Dental Hygienist is on a mission to motivate women to get curious and investigate the path that they choose to be on.

Punita Mangat
How have you been able to inspire yourself?

Growing up in an extremely patriarchal and sexist culture, a woman didn’t have a voice nor did she posses any right to an opinion or ideas. Witnessing this double standard treatment tugged at me at a visceral level. It empowered me as a woman because I knew then that I am going to say what’s right not what’s safe. It empowered me as a south Asian woman to speak for the ones who couldn’t for themselves. It empowered me to stomp stigmas and foster self confidence in other women across all backgrounds.

What inspires you about the women around you?

The women around me inspire me to be a leader, to pursue my dreams even without approval. The strong women in my life encourage me to share my story and support me and others fully. The women that I surround myself with fix each other’s crown without letting them know. They model collaboration and unity instead of competition and division. I feel so lucky to be part of this beautiful progression today and have so much respect and gratitude and optimism for the future of women.


Kristi is a former Division 1 athlete, successful corporate executive, ACE-Certified Personal Trainer, ACE-Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist, Wellness Entrepreneur, Certified Values Coach through the DeMartini Institute, Fitness Lifestyle Junkie, CEO of Strive Health Solutions, Inc.

Kristi Data
How have you been able to inspire yourself?

As a competitive athlete, I’ve always believed that I could do or be the best at whatever I set my heart and mind too. After earning an athletic scholarship to college that changed drastically. The team mentality shifted to look out for yourself, and do whatever it takes to be on top. I also developed a severe ED, and struggled with it my entire college career as well as body image issues into my adult life. After years of this I began to empower myself by getting back to that girl who believed she can be, do, and have anything! I empower myself by shifting my self-talk to what would I be saying if this was someone I loved and cared about. This shift in language, and perspective have literally changed my mindset and how I perceive myself.

What inspires you about the women around you?

As for the women I am blessed to surround myself with, I wish there was a way other than words to describe them and how their existence empowers everyone around them. They are mothers, sisters, friends, wives, doctors, healers, teachers, daughters, and servant leaders! Those titles are just what they do, and don’t fully express how they empower and impact the lives around them. It is this soul stirring experience to be in their presence, and watch how they selflessly give to others. Our mutual goal is to have everyone feel welcomed, celebrated, and honored for who they are.


Erin has her PhD in Musical Arts and is a Certified Holistic Therapist. She is a North Dakota native and owner of Prairie Soap House & Apothecary. She has been working with essential oils for over a decade to help recover and ground the body and is a master formulator of custom oils for specific needs.

Erin Oberlander
How have you been able to inspire yourself?

I have empowered myself as a woman by paying more attention to my natural giftings and abilities and growing those rather than listening to what I am “supposed” to do to be feminine or a woman. This has included taking leadership roles in my faith community and family and forging my own way in business. Removing the word “should” from my vocabulary has been the #1 liberating thing for me when it has come to my own empowerment.

What inspires you about the women around you?

The women I am blessed to be surrounded by in my life are all change-makers that are bringing out the best in the people around them (as opposed to being in competition with others). I see women collaborating in interesting and impactful ways that are calling other people into a greater expression of their own greatness. I feel that a mentality of lack and fear is slowly being taken over by a sense that a rising tide raises all ships, and I see the women around me pulling others up with them.

I hope you can find some inspiration yourself from hearing from some of these incredible women. I'm lucky to know them and excited to get together with all of you to share our knowledge, love, and power! When women come together, we’re unstoppable.

Wishing everyone the happiest International Women's Day!

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